Terminal City Brewing offers a variety of beers from light lagers to dark ales. Each batch makes 48 liters of beer which can be bottled in plastic, glass, or aluminum cans. Ready in two weeks.

AlesAlcoholFull Batch
Cask Pale Ale5.2% $155.00
Central Valley Amber Ale5.2% $155.00
Charlie Brown Ale5.7% $155.00
Charrington's Pale Ale5.2% $155.00
Clear Skye ISA5.0% $155.00
Endless Summer Tropical Blonde5.0% $155.00
Highlands Scottish Ale5.5% $160.00
Lord Stanley's Pale Ale5.2% $155.00
Newcastle Brown Ale5.2% $155.00
Nor Wester Pale Ale5.2% $155.00
Raintree Amber Ale5.2% $155.00
Roostertail Cream Ale5.2% $155.00
Sierra Madre Pale Ale5.3% $155.00
Solstice Pale Ale5.2%$135.00 (reg. $155.00)
St. Nicks Yuletide Ale5.2% $150.00
West Coast Amber Ale5.3% $155.00
West Coast Pale Ale5.2% $155.00
LagersAlcoholFull Batch
Canuck Lager4.8% $135.00
Coldspring Lager5.2% $140.00
Corona Style4.7% $135.00
Czech Pilsner5.5% $140.00
Dortmunder5.2% $140.00
Dutch Lager5.2% $140.00
German Lager5.2% $145.00
Glacial Lager5.0%$115.00 (reg. $135.00)
Irish Lager5.2% $140.00
Munich Lager5.0% $140.00
North American Pilsner5.2% $140.00
Octoberfest Lager5.5% $135.00
Tuborg Gold Style5.2% $145.00
West Coast Lager5.0% $140.00
West Coast Pilsner5.2% $140.00
StoutsAlcoholFull Batch
Irish Stout5.5% $170.00
Soft Porter6.0% $160.00
Specialty BrewsAlcoholFull Batch
Cardinals Cream Ale5.2% $160.00
East Van ESB5.8% $160.00
Grizzly Beer5.4% $165.00
Hopzilla6.0% $170.00
Mick's IPA5.7% $160.00
Smiths Nut Brown Ale5.5% $160.00
Thunderhead ESB5.2% $155.00
All Grain AlesAlcoholFull Batch
25th Anniversary Artisan Ale $155.00
Black Sheep Cream Ale6.0% $165.00
Coastal Pale Ale5.2% $160.00
Dos Amigos Amber Ale5.2% $160.00
Equinox Pale Ale5.2% $160.00
Foreshore Pale Ale5.2% $165.00
Gulf Islands IPA6.0% $165.00
Smooth Sailng Session Ale4.7% $160.00
Westport ESB6.0% $165.00
All Grain LagersAlcoholFull Batch
1616 Lager5.2% $155.00
American Pilsner4.9% $155.00
Bavarian Lager5.2% $155.00
Lakeside Lager5.0% $155.00
Oktoberfest19-All Grain5.0% $155.00
St Germaines Premium Lager5.0% $155.00
Summer19 Lager5.0% $155.00
Terminal City Pilsner5.2% $155.00

Choosing your beer

Choosing the right beer is simple. Pick a beer that closest resembles your favorite suds and away you go. We have a huge selection to choose from. We just put the most popular selections on line for the public to choose from. We can, usually, make a clone of whatever you need.

Types of beer

We offer a variety of beer recipes from light lagers to dark ales. While lagers tend to be lighter in color the range of bitterness could be from near water (coors lite) to heavily hopped pilsners. Ales generally are maltier and mild in hop flavour. Some specialty beers are full of hops like ESB's and IPA's. We actually kind all love our IPA's here and any chance we get we would steer you into trying our version of a double hopped IPA. We also have a few great stout and porter recipes. Some beers need specialty yeast and we can bring in the fresh smackem packs if the need is there.

The brewing process

  1. Choose your beer recipe from the menu selection.
  2. We will brew the wort for you.
  3. Let ferment for 10 days plus 3 days in our conditioning room.
  4. Cold filter and store in keg until bottling.
  5. Bottle/can your beer and away you go.

Caring for your beer

Always store your beer in a cool, dark place. A fridge is ideal. There are NO preservatives in our beers; shelf life is reduced if you store in a warm place. Shelf life is generally 3 to 8 months. We can only guarantee our beer when bottled in new bottles or cans.

Our staff can answer all of your questions about the brewing process. Please check our FAQ or contact us.

Bottling options

Your freshly-brewed batch of beer can be bottled in all sorts of ways: plastic, glass and aluminum cans.

More information about our beer bottling options